Holidays Look Bright for Local Retailers

Unlike the rest of the country, Amarillo residents are spending money this time of year.  As scary as the economy has been across the country retailers say buying a costume to dress up in, is a great way to escape.

And, they also expect people to continue spending through the Christmas season. Patricia Rhyne of Costume Castle says she is already having more interest at her costume shop than at this time last year.

"We have a list already going because they've been calling in during halloween and we just don't like to bring out santas and elves, it's just too much in this small little place but yeah we have our list going already they want to look nice they want to have a good time."

Rhyne says she is lucky to have a business located in an area with a good economy.

To give you an idea of how the rest of the country is feeling, 59% of Americans say they expect to cut back on spending this holiday season.

The top reasons to spend less are high food and energy costs.