Take A Cab, Take Off Your Mask

If you plan on taking cabs to and from Halloween parties this weekend, you will need to alter your costume.

The owner of a taxi company tells us it is about safety for both the cab driver and the customer.

So, when you get into a taxi this weekend, you are going to have to show your face. Most cab companies in the area will require you to take off your mask when getting into the taxi.

That is because a couple of years ago, police were looking for a robbery suspect who committed his crimes wearing a mask and asked cab companies to help track him down. Since then, companies have required customers to show their faces.

In case anything does happen, though, law enforcement officers will be out in full force saturating the area with patrols.

They say the problems they encounter most on Halloween are drunk driving and vandalism.  One officer tells us what seems like a fun prank can quickly turn into a nightmare if caught.