Amarillo Property Management Response


As a local family business, we have owned Amarillo Estates Manufactured Home Park for 14 years. Where possible, we ask the residents to put utilities in their own names and be responsible for their own bills.

However, when the residents get behind, we can fall short of the income required to meet our general obligations as the owners.

We realize that many of our residents live paycheck to paycheck, and we want very much to work with them when they experience a temporary interruption in their own ability to pay, due to illness, job loss, divorce or death. Unfortunately, we are currently seeing many more such delinquencies than at any other time since we purchased the park.

In this way, we do retain good residents, but can suffer a short fall in the meantime in our own cash flow. We are forced to borrow the funds to pay the utilities, knowing that we will eventually collect from the residents.

We work very closely with the City of Amarillo, Atmos and Xcel in these situations and very much appreciate that they are willing to work with us in allowing us to make payment arrangements so that service to our residents is not interrupted.

We also appreciate NewsChannel 10 for allowing us to explain the overall picture.


Glen Holdgrafer