Mobile Home Community Water Woes

Bonnie Betts, concerned resident
Bonnie Betts, concerned resident
Tim Clark, concerned resident
Tim Clark, concerned resident

The water at Bonnie Betts' mobile home may soon run dry.

She and hundreds of families at Amarillo Estates could have their water cut off today because the park owner didn't pay the bill.

"That's abusing us," said Bonnie Betts, who recently moved back to the community after living there for 17 years. "[The owner] is depriving us of what we need to live."

Tenants at Amarillo Estates pay their utilities directly to park management.

According to the city, owner Glen Holdgrafer has been late paying the park's water bill several times. And now, they are prepared to disconnect service.

"Since the bill was not paid by Monday, that was the final deadline, we put door hangers up on Tuesday," said Shirley Jones, City of Amarillo utility billing manager.

Tim clark, who also lives at the park, says this isn't the first time he has received a notice from the city.

"We shouldn't feel threatened that we are going to be waterless or who knows what because he is slacking," Clark said.

The most recent statement shows Holdgrafer owes $10,787 for the months of September and October.

"We will disconnect service," Jones said. "Probably [Friday] or Monday."

The city says it's not uncommon to see late payments, especially close to the holiday season. They try to work with everyone to make payment arrangements.

"Unfortunately, we are currently seeing many more delinquencies than at any other time since we purchased the park" Holdgrafer said in a statement to NewsChannel 10. "We work very closely with the City of Amarillo, Atmos, and Xcel in these situations and very much appreciate that they are willing to work with us in allowing us to make payment arrangements so that service to our residents is not interrupted."

But Betts says she has lost faith in Holdgrafer's promises.

"No, i don't know that I can trust him or not to pay our bills on a monthly basis,"she said. "That is his responsibility to take care of our needs. And he's not doing it."

Both Betts and Clark say they will move out if this problem continues.