Halloween Havoc on Animals

Andrea Soliz, Humane Society
Andrea Soliz, Humane Society

The taboo of black cats has pet owners worried for the Halloween holiday causing concerns and wondering about the consequences of animal cruelty.

The days leading up to Halloween can mean bad luck for black cats because of superstitions that black cats represent something evil. Hundreds of animal cruelty cases take place in Amarillo, but during Halloween pet owners and animal agencies are cautious when it comes to cruelty cases for cats.

Cat lover Connie Guillen just picked up her cat "Moose" from the Amarillo humane society. "He was wondering around the neighborhood and somebody caught him in a trap," Guillen explained. She also, had to pay a $35 fee to pick up her cat. Guillen's other cat, a black one, is the cat she will not let out of her sight this time year. "I am a little concerned coming around the corner so I am making sure the cat stays in the house," Guillen explaining her worries.

That concern has pet owners keeping their black cats indoors, but it's not only their concern but a city ordinance.

Animal Control assistant director, Shannon Barlow, says there are laws for cats as well as dogs.  barlow explains the ordinance, "Cats fall under the leash law just like dogs do.  Cats are tough to keep on a leash, but that's the way they call it. It's really just confined to your property or your house".

Confining all pets to your home is what local animal agencies advise as the best way to keep any animal safe this season. Humane Society director Andrea Soliz says the easiest way to prevent any problem is keep cats and dogs inside. "We're just trying to stop all those situations from happening and this is the best way. We found to do it," Soliz said.

Soliz says when an animal gets hurt on Halloween, it's not because of evil tendances, but kids pulling pranks.

Animal control says if someone is caught hurting an animal... They can face jail time and a $10,000 fine.  To contact Animal Control they can be reached at 378-3092 or to adopt an animal call the Humane Society at 373-1710.