$3.69 Per Gallon?

Good news at the gas pump.... Prices are at a nearly two year low and have been falling consistently for the past month. With average prices so low, it leads many to wonder why some local gas stations are still charging high prices.

The answer is this... Smaller, independently owned gas stations are finding it harder to stay in business with falling prices and large chain competitors. Which leads many to post prices that are far above today's average price. Three dollars and sixty nine cents per gallon at the Fina off of Interstate 27. That's one dollar and forty cents more than today's average of $2.29. So, we asked the obvious question to RoseMary Acorta, who was filling up her tank there. "Why are you here paying so much more than you could somewhere else? Her answer - It's easy for me to stop here. It's close by."

Convenient or not, others choose to keep on driving past it, like Kenneth Burkleson. "I don't know where they are buying their gas from but they are paying too much if they have to charge that much." The owner didn't want to talk on camera but says that's the exact problem.... He bought extra gas at $3.49 a gallon, hoping to benefit as prices climb. Madison's owner Deana Perdue says that's a chance you take and buying gas is all about timing. "If gas drops 30 cents in four days, which it's done before, if you bought it when gas was high you are stuck at that price and others who bought it on the fourth day can go ahead and go down."

Today's average price is three cents less than it was yesterday, and more than a dollar below where it was just one month ago.