New Wind Farm Powers Panhandle

David Swinford, Texas State Representative
David Swinford, Texas State Representative
Dave Drescher, Vice President of John Deere Wind Energy
Dave Drescher, Vice President of John Deere Wind Energy

A new wind farm is up and running in Moore County today and it is expected to improve the standard of living for local residents.

The more than $70 million project is expected contribute to the growth of the county.

Wind farm technicians are living in the Panhandle and maintenance personnel are expected to travel to and from the area on wind related business.

The project is expected to widen the county's tax base and over time contribute millions to the local standard of living.

Texas State Representative David Swinford says,"So any time you can go into a community and you can decrease their taxes and increase their quality of life you have found a perfect thing and that's what this is for us, it's perfect."

In fact, the turbines are generating 10 times the tax revenue the county previously received.

To put it in perspective, Dumas would need to build 50 houses to earn the same property tax value this wind farm is generating right now.

The Vice President of John Deere Wind Energy Dave Drescher says,"Because the wind farm becomes a taxpayer in the community. The schools, hospitals, infrastructures all benefit from that."

Swinford says, "We've been working on it for five years but it helps our economy in every way you can imagine."

Students in Amarillo College's wind energy program are expected to fill many technical job openings in the future.

This is only the beginning for wind energy in the Panhandle. Within the next three to five years, developers say you can expect to see several more wind farms on the High Plains.