Retailers Pushing Out Holiday Products Early

Store Manager Gabriel Garcia
Store Manager Gabriel Garcia

Worries over the holiday economy have Amarillo retailers rolling out the holiday goods earlier than ever before.

The average shopper is expected to spend only $10 more on holiday gifts this year compared to last year. A grim expectation that stores are using to expand their early shopping season.

It's called the "Christmas Creep", the time when retailers push out holiday-themed goods. A third of local retailers are making their holiday push earlier each year. Store Manager Gabriel Garcia said, " Shoppers want to see the items sooner and get a hold of their needs prior to the holiday season approaching".

Customer Shane Belcher does not mind the early transition from Halloween to Christmas.  He says it keeps consumers in the holiday spirit. "It kind of keeps everyone in a festive mood... Kind gets ready for the next holiday season. I kind of like it myself, " he said.

Most customers like the early seasonal stock, the sales and new ideas.   "It does it kind of gives me an idea on.  What to expect what to look for? What's in style? Things like that," Belcher said. For those reasons, retailers say they are not promoting holiday merchandise, just making it more accessible to those who want to get a jump start on seasonal shopping.

Online shopping is also seeing a spike in early holiday sales. Forty percent of on-line consumers will do their holiday shopping now instead of later.