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Voters: What You Need to Know

Gregorio Rodriguez Gregorio Rodriguez
Robert Hopson Robert Hopson
Potter County Clerk Julie Smith Potter County Clerk Julie Smith

Protecting yourself and your vote... Those are two important issues coming to the forefront with cases of voter fraud appearing all over the country.

Before you walk into the polling place, there are certain rights you are entitled to as a voter. I'm told the biggest misconception among voters is that you have to completely silent while casting your ballot. That's only partially true. You can't talk to other voters, but as far as the election officials... Ask away. That's just one of your many voter rights. Gregorio Rodriguez was nervous when we walked into the Santa Fe building to cast his vote. "I've never done this before." But that wasn't the only thing making him uneasy. "I don't know how to read or write." Because of that, it is his right as a voter to receive assistance, from a poll worker or a person of his choice.

The catch... That person must take an oath, just like Robert Hopson did when he helped his disabled friend vote. "You have to swear that you will not influence their vote by word, thought, deed, or action." John Cornett, the man he assisted, says he thankful it's his right to have help. "No doubt about that. My vote will be counted." If you walk into the polling place and need special assistance, such as not being able to read, see, or you have physical disabilities, you are entitled to special accommodations. Potter County Clerk Julie Smith says, "We do have an audio ballot now they can listen to it.

If you have a bilingual need, our ballot is in English and Spanish." If you need something extra, election officials are required to provide it, as long as it's in accordance with the law.

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