The Price of Randall County History

Randall County Commissioner Skip Huskey
Randall County Commissioner Skip Huskey
Ron Slover, Randall County resident
Ron Slover, Randall County resident

Only days remain before the November 4th election, and in Randall County, the debate over restoring the Randall County Courthouse is all a matter of money.

In the state of Texas, county courthouses are a symbol of history and tradition. Randall County's courthouse has almost a century of history within its walls.

But soon, the building could disappear if voters decide not to restore the courthouse.

"If we do not save this building, it's just a question of time before we have to put up new construction to replace it," says Randall County Commissioner Skip Huskey.

Ron Slover, a Randall County resident, says "We do not have an obligation as taxpayers in this county to help improve the property values around that courthouse.

The face value of the renovation deal is the real question for most people. If you subtract a grant from the Texas Historic Commission and money raised from private donations, the cost to you would be around $600,000.

Still, that is less than the cost of tearing the building down. A vote for restoration, however, only includes exterior renovations.

Commissioner Huskey says the county would eventually have to fully restore the courthouse, and that costs more. Taxpayers would pay almost $4 million for a complete renovation.

If the measure does not pass, Randall County would be the only county in the state of Texas to not accept funds from the Texas Historic Commission for courthouse restoration.

Tomorrow on The Early Show, we will travel to other area counties to show how they renovated their courthouse, and why this symbol of history is so important to the community.