One Canyon School is Defying Drugs

Every year, Texas schools have a Red Ribbon week. It's a week when students pledge to stay drug free, and are asked to remember a man who lost his life for that cause. It started in the eighties when Enrica "Kiki" Camarena was working in Mexico as a undercover agent and was killed. By wearing a red ribbon during the last week in October, Americans demonstrate their ardent opposition to drugs. Canyon Jr High has a club called "Decide to Defy".

A group of kids who have pledged to not use drugs or alcohol and share their message with their peers. The kids have different incentives to be drug free and spread their message to others . The Underwood Law Firm cooked 700 hot dogs for the Junior High football games tonight. The firm wanted to participate in a positive way for the drug free message for all Junior High kids.

Throughout the week different schools will have Spirit Days, get to wear there favorite team jerseys and plant tulips in the schools flower beds. Keep up the good job Canyon Jr High.

Happy Red Ribbon Week !