Microsoft Asking Users to Update Their Systems

Ray Wilson, Cat-Man-Du
Ray Wilson, Cat-Man-Du

Social security numbers, bank account, and other sensitive information is available for hackers, but Microsoft is trying to change that.

They need you to update your computer with a new patch.

This update is needed for anyone who shares file over a network.

From homes to businesses, without this patch everyone is open to being infiltrated by a hacker.

For only the sixth time since 2004, Microsoft is asking users to download an update to secure your system.

"It affects anyone running windows 200, windows XP, and windows vista. So in terms of numbers hundreds of thousands of people," said Ray Wilson owner of Cat-Man-Du.

"They've seen some activity of hackers who use this vulnerability in the system so that's why it got them going to get it out as quick as possible," said Gary Allen the Director of Technology for the Amarillo Independent School District.

The AISD patched almost all of it's computers on Friday.

Over 11,500 of them.

So they are safe, but Wilson predicts 90 percent of computers in Amarillo do not normally update.

"We're really talking about people that don't update their computers. They don't understand the importance of updating their computers," Wilson said.

Updating your system is simple. First start at the start bar, then scroll to control panel.

Once inside there click on security center and make sure your automatic updates are turned on.

You can also check and see if you have other downloads available.

If not, enable it.

The security center is also your home for all the backed up downloads you have not yet received. If it says you have some downloads available, Microsoft and Wilson say it's important to download those.

"It's alwasy wise to protect your machine, not just for the value, but the important files on them. There's value in that to some peope," said Allen.

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