New Software Helps Dropouts

Cassie Bunch
Cassie Bunch
North Heights Principal Mark Leach
North Heights Principal Mark Leach

She dropped out of high school to care for her new born baby but today is completing her G.E.D. with a new on-line program.

A program called "Odyssey Ware" is helping Amarillo ISD students complete their education.

Several middle and high school students are using the "Odyssey Ware" program to complete courses they failed in the classroom. It allows students to work at their own pace and keep up with their peers, something a principal says encourages students to stay in school.

Single mother Cassie Bunch says she had to drop out of highschool when she got pregnant and the convenience of "Odyssey Ware" is allowing her to complete her education at her leisure.

Bunch says, "If it wasn't for Odyssey Ware I wouldn't be here cause I wouldn't want to just sit in the classroom and end up talking and this isolates you and lets you do your work. I wouldn't be able to do it without Odyssey Ware."

The program is tailored to each student's weaknesses.

"It made my life much easier," says Bunch, "Because it took me way back on stuff I took like my freshman year like the grammer and so it helps me alot at home with my daughter I put her to sleep and I just work on my work at home."

North Heights Principal Mark Leach says one in four students will not receive their high school diploma and Odyssey ware is an effort to reach them before they drop out.

"The kids that drop out are usually the ones that fall behind. We want to respond to that child and get them back in a credit recovery opportunity so they can recover the credit immediately,"

The district is evaluating the program's success through the end of the school year.

With a teacher's recommendation, middle school and high school students can gain credit for failed courses with the program.

General Educational Development certificates may also be completed.