Voter Fraud a Concern in Texas

More than 20,000 Panhandle residents have already cast their ballot for the November 4th election, and they didn't have to prove their identity to do it.

In twenty seven states, in addition to your voter registration card, you need to show some form of ID, like a driver's license or utility bill. But to vote in Texas, you can leave those things at home. "I just assumed they needed some sort of photo ID, so I handed them my drivers license, but they didn't ask me for anything." The state of Texas requires you bring only one thing with you to the polls. "My card, my voter registration card." Which raises some big concerns. Randall County Clerk Sue Bartolino wonders, "How do you know that that is indeed that person?" "I wouldn't want someone else to be me. Of course, there's only one me." One Randall County woman already tried it. "They voted for themselves and then on election day took the mother's voter card. She waited until the line was very busy, very long." Pulling a stunt like that is not something law enforcement takes lightly. "It's a Class C misdemeanor."

One voter we met says something needs to be done and photo ids should be mandatory. "It's a shame it has to be that way but to protect that individual it could be a good law." Representative Smithee thinks so too, and says he's sure the issue will come up during the next legislative session. "Particularly if it comes up early in the session, the legislature will most likely pass some kind of ID bill." It was brought up in the last session, but was voted down in the Senate because of a filibuster. Remember, when you go to vote, don't forget that voter registration card!