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What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy - Episode 14

Cadet Howard Cadet Howard
Cadet Vigil Cadet Vigil

Giving a sobriety test to a possibly intoxicated person could be as hard as taking the test itself.

These are the first people cadets have tested in an possible intoxicated person situation, and while new... They say they're prepared.

Cadet Howard says, "We have various aids, we learned on paper initially but we have seen some videos already and by the time we get to this phase were we are doing some practical exercises you pretty much know what to look for and it's rather easy to recognize the signs of intoxication."

Cadet Vigil says, "They give us close ups of the eyes and things like that so it's actually pretty easy to recognize once we see it in a real person."

They say the biggest thing is making sure the driver has a fair evaluation..

"The test are relatively simple. We are just looking to do them correctly and consistently each time just to give the subject a fair shot at it so we make an accurate decision." Cadet Howard says.

It's not always about alcohol though... Cadets are also training to be able to determine if the person is high or is suffering a medical condition.

Cadet Vigil says, "You are looking for things for, or possibly other things that could be wrong besides drunkenness, maybe medication or something like that."

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