Updated: Suspicious Substance Found at AIG building in Amarillo

Haz-mat crews, paramedics, and firefighters all responded to an office building in Amarillo, after a suspicious substance is found.

It all began just before 1pm this afternoon when an employee handling some letters noticed a foreign substance.

The woman told emergency responders... After handling a tray of letters, she noticed a substance and then her hands began to burn.

"We did close down the area for a while to contain everything. AIG followed their protocols. They shut off ventilation secured the doors and pretty much held the place until we got here," said Cpl. Jerry Neufeld of the Amarillo Police Department.

The Amarillo Fire Department decontaminated the victim and the letters and packages were separated into a haz-mat bag.

Police are handing the contents over to the US Postal Inspector's office for more testing as this investigation continues.

The FBI is also involved in this case.

But Corporal Neufeld says this case has absolutely no relation to the Chase Bank letters that originated in Amarillo.

The office was re-opened and no injuries were reported.