Halloween Just Got More Expensive

One of Halloween's oldest traditions just got more expensive. Pumpkin prices are higher than they've been in over a decade.

We took a trip to Wiecks Pumpkin Farm just north of Cactus this afternoon and found out that pumpkins just like these are costing an average of seven cents more per pound than last year.

It's all due to increased farming costs and decreased supply. "Picking a pumpkin out." it's an age old tradition... "Gonna get a pumpkin." Everybody is on the search for the perfect one... "Round big and colorful." But there aren't as many pumpkins to choose from this year. "We probably got about 40 thousand pumpkins or a little over.

We should have had around nearly around 200 thousand pumpkins," says Willie Wiecks of Wiecks Pumpkin Farm. You can thank mother nature for that. "This is the hardest year we've had for pumpkins.

The insects were bad. The wind were bad until about late June. And we had to go back and replant some so we've got a smaller crop and a later crop." That didn't stop some from walking away happy though. "One about this tiny and one about this big."

Despite the shortage, some came to the pumpkin patch with lofty expectations. "A blue one." And yes, suprisingly, she was able to walk away satisfied too. Blue pumpkins are just one of the 85 varieties at Wiecks Farm.

There may be several varieties, but, thanks to the weather, count them out of the running for the winning the world's largest pumpkin contest. "We've got some fifty or sixty pounders but we don't have any of the 160 pounder type." But that didn't seem to bother one pumpkin picker we met. "I like the little one better than the big ones." The pumpkins that are left after Halloween, both big and small, aren't gong to waste.

"The ones that don't get sold the Texas Prison System of Dalhart comes and gets them. They cook with them. They make pies and they make soup and they make pancakes." The average pumpkin this year will run you around 13 cents per pound. We called several other Panhandle pumpkin patches and they said they're having to raise prices too.