Pumpkins Will Cost You More This Year

Carving pumpkins this Halloween just got more expensive... Recent rains and increased farming costs are forcing growers to pass on the cost to you.

Over the past ten years, the average price for pumpkins was about six cents a pound. But today, those same pumpkins will cost you around 13 cents a pound on average.

We went to Wiecks Farm just north of Cactus on Sunday afternoon and spoke with Willie Wiecks, whose been growing pumpkins for the past thirteen years.

He says he's never seen pumpkin prices like this before, and credits it to the struggling economy. "The input costs are so much higher than what they were. Because of the increased costs. Fertilizer and water, especially water and of course pumpkins are like anything else.

The day they're dry they need a drink. " We spoke with several other pumpkin farmers on the phone who say the same thing is affecting their crop this season and they're also being forced to raise prices.