Randall County Debates What to do with 1909 Courthouse

The debate on a controversial issue is heating up as election day is just nine days away.

This week several Randall County residents will be receiving mail outs from a committee in favor of restoration.

But not everyone in the county is on their side.

In early August the commissioners court decided to ask voters to authorize the court to use tax dollars to fund the restoration of the courthouse.

This broad question is leading to two very different interpretations.

"The overall goals is to restore the whole courthouse but it must be done in phases. we're looking at phase one right now that's what been on the county's agenda," said Mark Wilson, A member of the Committee for Randall County Courthouse Restoration.

"The issue on the ballot is for the whole ball of wax. That's what's key," said Ron Slover, a Randall County resident who opposes tax dollars going toward the restoration process.

The committee for restoration is saying the taxpayers will be on the line for about 600 thousand dollars.

That money combined with state and private grants will complete restoration of the exterior, or what they are calling phase one.

But many taxpayers see this question as a blank check giving the commissioners access to millions of dollars for a complete restoration.

Several Randall County Commissioners are on record as saying the vote gives them the ability to use funds for full restoration.