Texas AG Wants More Offender Info Public

On the heels of authorities arresting a Dallas sex offender for running an exotic dancer website, the Texas Attorney General has laid out four recommendations he hopes will become law.

Greg Abbott wants sex offenders to publicly register their cell phone numbers and every online identity they have to crack down on their communication with children.

Police see this as a positive thing.

The director of probation in Amarillo says every safeguard is good, but he sees an unintended consequence: offenders could communicate with each other more readily than they do now by finding each other online and starting their own network.

The AG's proposal, which also includes allowing police to release information to social networking sites and prohibiting certain offenders from surfing the internet, will be up to the legislature to pass.

One lawmaker says that could get tricky. Sen. Kel Seliger says, "it's going to be difficult because we need to know technologically what the solutions are. What if an offender uses your cell phone?"

The legislature reconvenes next February.

Authorities tell us there is virtually no way to stop offenders from getting multiple cell phone numbers or online identities. They say that's why they use polygraphs to find out that kind of information.