The way to go when the Economy Slows... Trade Schools

Danita McAnally, Amarillo College
Danita McAnally, Amarillo College

Colleges that offer skilled trades and certificates are seeing enrollment soar as the economy slows. Some students think trade certificates are the most cost effective these days. Amarillo college officials say 3 to 6 months and close to a thousand dollars for tuition, has the potential double your wage.

One reason why they are seeing an increase in the number of people turning to schools for new job skills. Student, James Artis is in his first year at Amarillo College and has already realized the importance of a having a job trade. "You have to have something now. A certificate degrees or something or you're going to be in that lower wage," Artis said.

Artis says he knows plenty of people taking a different route into specialized certificate programs, looking for solid prospects for the future. "I know several now who have come back and are actually getting their certificates now. To make some more money and advance in positions," Artis said.

It's not just the economy pushing people into certificate programs, but a chance to gain confidence and advance with a small investment, Amarillo College, Dean Danita McAnally said. "$1000 is a lot of for some but you can go from a 7-dollar and hour to more than double and you just invested a short period of time and that would be great," she said.

McAnally says a lot of students don't want to spend 2 years finding out a degree is right for them and that is why trade certificates are more appealing. Some certified classes can be completed in just one semester depending on the skill you are looking for. Also, with financial aid the class could be free.