Deer Put Drivers at Risk in Newly Developed Areas Around Amarillo

An overwhelming deer population in our area puts some drivers lives at risk around every corner.

Areas just on the outskirts of Amarillo and Canyon see many deer-vehicle accidents.. Because those area's are in the heart of deer country.

Officials say this is the time of year that more drivers need to be aware of deer.

Frank Niemiec with Texas Parks and Wildlife says, "They are more active this time of year. Mostly because of hunting and this is breeding season for White Tailed and Mule deers, so they are more active, they are moving around more than they traditionally do."

There are several area's of town that seem to be hotspots.

Niemiec says, "Probably the south part of the loop. South Washington is really bad because it is kind of curvy and has a lot of hills, so you don't see them till the last second."

Here is what to do to maximize your safety if you come across a deer.

Trooper Gabriel Medrano with DPS says, "If you are driving at night or early morning times, especially if it is a little bit foggy, because it reduces your visibility. If you do see a deer on the road go head and brake, try not to serve to miss the dear cause that will cause you to over-react and instead of going to the left, you overreact and go to the right at it can cause you to go into a side skid and potentially turn the vehicle over."

Driving slow and turning on your high beams, if there are no other drivers around, is the best way to watch.

Right now, deer-vehicle collisions are up 22 percent in the state according to State Farm Insurance Company.