Fugitive File: Jackie Lynn Gray

A man who has eight separate warrants out for his arrest, two of them allegedly involving drugs, is freely roaming Amarillo streets.

Police are asking for your help in locating him.

Take a close look at Jackie Lynn Gray...wanted on eight different warrants out of Potter County.

Cpl. Brian Thomas of Amarillo Crime Stoppers says, "three of them are felony warrants. Two are bond surrender warrants for possession of controlled substance."

The rest of Gray's warrants are for misdemeanors. Thomas says, "he has 1 for resisting arrest, which means he fought with an officer or something and also has two warrants for evading."

As they do with many of their fugitives, police warn you not to try to catch gray yourself.   Thomas says, "we consider him very dangerous, he could be armed."

And an update for you: last week's fugitive, Alexander Ramos, has been caught. You can make the same thing happen with gray by calling Amarillo Crime Stoppers.

If you have any information on him, you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 374-4400.