Dorien Thomas Missing 10 Years

The search for Dorien Thomas is now a decade long.

Lt. Gary Trupe who was on scene the night the investigation began says, "It was raining real heavily that night when they came out. It had been raining most of that day."

By the time officers are called Dorien has been missing 24 hours. He was last seen riding his bike, on his way to get a snack.

Lt. Trupe says the street Dorien lived on hasn't changed very much in 10 years, and the child knew his way in and out of the neighborhood. Which makes them wonder that if he went with someone, he went on his own terms.

"He knew who he was. He knew where he lived. He was street wise and he wasn't going to be somebody who was going to go somewhere unless he was going to go of his own free will."

Questions of kidnapping, murder, or just an accident still loom.. But Lt. Trupe is certain of one thing.

"I truly believe, it's more of a personal deal, but I think there is someone in town who knows what happened to Dorien, has an idea, has more than just a rumor, they have some ideas they have some names they can put to someone. Really, 10 years is long enough to hold back. Tell us who it is. Mom needs that closure."

It's not just Dorien's family who is emotionally invested, those who searched for the boy want a resolution too.

"I know there were a lot of people at the police department that were out here ten years ago who are still at the police department that this kind of, for lack of a better word, kind of haunts them. This is a kid that they couldn't find, they couldn't return back home. They couldn't take care of."

If you know anything about what happened to Dorien you are asked to call Potter-Randall Special Crimes Unit at 378-9468.