Noriega and Cornyn on Veteran's Affairs

More than 60 people showed their support for US Senate hopeful Rick Noriega in Amarillo on Thursday.

Noriega has made hade several stops in the Panhandle over the past few months, but he says Thursday's luncheon was critical to encourage everyone to vote early. He spoke with us about several issues, including the importance of taking care of our veterans. "We have another generation of veterans returning and we need to make sure we have the resources to take care of them. We haven't really fulfilled our promise to our veterans with those veterans that are here from previous wars."

We called his opponent, Senator John Cornyn to hear his thoughts on the issue. "We've seen spending on various veterans benefits including medical care expand by 64%. I guess there are always going to be those who say we can do more and I am certainly willing to listen but it's not as if we haven't done a lot."