Qualified Pharmacy Technician Shortage

Program Director Shawna Lopez
Program Director Shawna Lopez
Pharmacist Joe Ellsion, Tech Advisory Board
Pharmacist Joe Ellsion, Tech Advisory Board

Many local pharmacies are searching for qualified technicians to help fill your prescriptions.

The Amarillo College Pharmacy Technology Program is now certified with the highest accreditation give by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists.

That means the odds of having a highly skilled technician behind the counter when you visit the pharmacy are now much better.

Many local pharmacists are struggling to balance spending time in the pharmacy with clinical work increasing the demand for technicians.

Pharmacist Joe Ellsion who is also on the Tech Advisory Board says, "So we need someone back there to be able to fill the medications, put out the automated dispenser, compound the IV piggybacks.

Ellison says the accreditation will also raise the bar for technician efficiency and customer service.

"Accreditation makes sure they are covering everything that's expected. So they now have kind of a watchdog instead of being able to set the program as we like it the advisory board. We have a higher standard essentially they are having to meet with that so."

Program Director Shawna Lopez says, "The older generation that are worried about patient or their care or their medications that they know that we do train the students to a higher standard."

About 20 technicians are expected to complete the year long course this year and will serve areas within sixty miles from Amarillo.

Ellsion and Lopez say AC is now ahead of the curve.

In the near future Texas pharmacy technicians may be required to complete programs at an accredited school before entering the workforce.