STD E-Cards: Not a Joke

Checking your email inbox could save your life... literally. There could be an e-card waiting for you, letting you know you have an STD. The e-cards come from a website called, and say things like "there are strings attached" or "I'm so sorry, but there's something you should know."

The website, which is completely free, encourages you to send cards to both your past and present sexual partners, letting them know they may be infected and should be tested. We spoke with Planned Parenthood earlier today, who says the e-cards are a good last resort, but they work closely with the health department to encourage the message be delivered face to face."If we can't get the partners in, then it goes to the health department and they go get them. They have the law behind them to make the person who is positive give the names where they can go out and reach them," says Claudia Stravato. Nearly 50,000 cards have been sent since's creation in 2004.