Check Your Email... You Might Have an STD

It may never been so important to check your email inbox... There might be an e-card waiting, telling you that you have an STD. If you get an email saying something like "it's not what you brought to the party, it's what you left with, it's not a joke."

That's just one several messages you can send on Tens of thousands are using the website to alert their sexual partners they might be infected with an STD. The e-card is anonymous and includes links to local testing facilities and medical information. Every year, 19-million new cases of STD's are diagnosed in the United States.

This website aims at educating people on STDs and specifically AIDS. It is becoming more popular every day, according to a medical study published earlier this week. Not only can anyone in the US send and receive cards, it's expanding internationally as well.

We spoke with local health officials who who stress the importance of telling past and future sexual partners if you are infected. As for the e-cards, they say it's better than remaining silent, but a message as serious as an STD, should probably be delivered in person.