Protecting Your Child From Sex Offenders on Halloween

It may not be sex offenders who put your child at risk on Halloween but their families who violate the rules.

Halloween night is off limits for child sex offenders... They are not allowed to pass out candy or even put out decorations.. And most comply.. It's their families that can sometimes cause a problem.

Probation Supervisor Terry Easterling says, "The primary problem we have had in the past is with family members who don't understand why if the offender is not there they can't welcome trick or treaters. And of course our stance is we don't want children being comfortable going to the home of a sex offender whether the offender is there or not. If they are living there you don't need to have children going to that front door."

Officers will be patrolling to ensure that offenders and their families are not breaking the rules.

Officials say it's not just law enforcement that needs to take responsibility for protecting your children... But parents need to be more involved.

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld with APD Crime Prevention says, "We can't cover all of them, we've got several hundred of them in town. We just can't be at that particular block all night long, so parents need to be aware of it. We tell our kids to don't go up and knock on the door of somebody we don't know."

Cpl. Neufeld says no matter the age... Parents need to be on hand while your kid hits the candy trail.