Pro-Life Pharmacy

Pro-Life Pharmacy

Bishop to bless pharmacy that doesn't stock contraceptives


CHANTILLY, Va. (AP) _ The Roman Catholic Church is giving its

blessing to a new pharmacy in northern Virginia that doesn't stock

any type of birth control or contraceptives.

Arlington Bishop Paul Loverde (loh-VUR'-dee) is scheduled to

bless the new DMC Pharmacy in Chantilly today. It's one of a

handful of ``pro-life'' drug stores around the country that allow

pharmacists to practice their profession without compromising their


DMC, which stands for Divine Mercy Care, is a Catholic

non-profit that also operates a pro-life OB-GYN practice in nearby


In a news release, DMC president Dr. John Bruchalski says, ``We

must not separate our faith from our work. The God of science is

also the God of revealed religion.''