Proposed Amarillo Fire Station

Amarillo Fire Chief Steve Ross
Amarillo Fire Chief Steve Ross

A new Amarillo fire station is expected to reduce emergency response times by two to three minutes in some areas, if a building proposal is passed tonight.

Within the hour City Commissioners will be voting on the proposed construction of a new fire station at the intersection of North Coulter Street and Fairway Drive.

Amarillo Fire Chief Steve Ross says the new station is long over due because of the city's continuing growth.

"The northwest side you know the Woodlands and Cliffside and the La Paloma area and we do fire protection and we do EMS protection and the longer it takes to get there the worse the circumstance will be for our customer."

The department also is proposing the construction more fire stations.

Chief Ross says this the department hopes to put a proposed station in southeast Amarillo and another just east of the Southwest Branch Library up for vote.

"And as the city continues to grow the timing will be right again to do more. Yeah we will have to address a fire station in the Tradewinds area in the future and we will have to address a fire station in the medical center and eventually we will have to address a station probably for the growth west."

The department has been granted 12.9 million dollars to spend on construction and renovation costs this year.