Bail Jumper: Lucas Flores

Bond agents are asking Amarillo drivers to keep an eye out on a bail jumper who continues to drive in our area with an invalid license.

Lucas Flores is compromising your safety on the streets. The 20 year old is having a hard time handling the highway in the Amarillo area, according to his Bond Agent Shawn Galmore.  Forcing him to pay thousands of dollars in fines and spend some time behind bars. That is where Galmore comes in, always helping but never judging. "I feel like I give everybody a chance," Galmore said.

An opportunity that Galmore feels Lucas Flores took advantage of. "We did a service for him and he didn't. We should be able to charge him for theft of services," she said.

Flores has a long list of charges, driving with an invalid license, failure to comply and a motion to revoke his probation. The longer he avoids these charges, tThe bigger the threat is he imposes on the people illegally driving on the road. "You don't maintain your insurance you are a threat to other drivers, Galmore said.

She says going out on a limb has cost her close to $6,000 dollars and will soon land Flores in jail.

We have new information on a bail jumper we told you about a week ago.  Teenager Brittany Barnes was apprehended after we aired her mug shot. Shortly after that, bond agents caught up with Barnes and now she is in Randall County Jail.

If you have any information on Lucas Flores or on any other bail jumpers we have showed you... Contact Bargain Bail Bonds 379-0036 or the police.

Hundreds of bail jumpers skip out on their bail obligations every week, report a bail jumper and earn a reward.