"What It Takes:The Amarillo Police Academy" - Episode 13

Testing a driver to see if they are intoxicated can place police in a difficult situation.

One foot in front of the other.. Follow the tip of my pen.. One- one-thousand, no one wants to go through it for real... But these volunteers are giving cadets the real life experience of giving a field sobriety test.

Instructor Sgt Clark says, "Basically we have what we call three standardized field sobriety test. What we call the horizontal gaze and stagma, the one leg stand and then the walk and turn."

Officials say the main thing is controlling the scene and taking a firm stance... So the potentially intoxicated person knows from the start who is in charge.

Sgt Clark says, "Officer safety is always going to be our paramount thing. Especially dealing with an intoxicated individual because not only do you have your safety you are dealing with, but you have their safety that you are dealing with."

Cadets have to learn each of the test and the signs to look for that indicate some one has had too much to drink.

"You've got a lot that you are doing. You have a lot of clues that you are looking for and your evaluating whether this person is going to go to jail." Sgt Clark says.

This is the first time cadets have had the chance to practice on a real person.. And they only have two days to qualify to move on to the next test..

Hear from cadets administering the test coming up next week on our exclusive series "What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy"

Follow the new recruits as they find out what it takes to make it through the Amarillo Police Academy.