Government Says... "Get Moving!"

Americas are heavier and more out of shape than ever before. In just the past year, adult obesity rates went up in 37 states. And now the federal government is doing something about it.

Two and a half hours... That's how long the government says you should spend exercising every week. That goes for everyone, from little kids to retirees. "I've noticed kids are getting heavier, the elderly are getting heavier."

Frank Chavez is right... The numbers prove it. In Texas, 27% of adults are obese. Nearly one out of every five kids fall into the obese category as well. That puts the Lone Star State in the top 15 states with widening waistlines.

Emily Hester is determined not to be a statistic. 'Ive been coming since I was 18. I do it for longevity, health purposes. It's good for me. It's good for everyone." The government is hoping more people follow in emily's footsteps. They want everyone to exercise at least two and a half hours per week.

The guidelines don't specify how it that time should be divided, but if you're looking to drop those pounds, shorter more frequent trips are the answer. Gold's Gym trainer Diane Gonzalez says "If you only do it once your body will forget. So you should really go for a smaller amount of time everyday instead of once in a big chunk."

The guidelines talk a lot about lifting weights...but not just to bulk up. "You should lift weights to build bone density, so your bones stay strong." Chavez is heeding the government's advice and started an exercise plan just last week, and so far, so good... He's lost three pounds.

If you want some ideas on how to make the most of your recommended two and a half hours, here's what the government recommends: