Diesel Prices Still Hurting the Trucking Industry

Prices are dropping at the pump, but truckers are still having trouble filling their tanks.

And products you buy could still be going up in price because of it.

A gallon of diesel has dropped almost a dollar in the past month, but many truckers we spoke with today say it's still too high to help the industry.

At truck stops across the country, their is and always one topic on everybody's mind.

"Politics is common, religion is common, gas prices is probably number one," said Walter Linne, a truck driver from Indiana.

"Right now oil's at 70 dollars a barrel. I keep up on that, if it's under 70 dollars a barrel why are we still paying over three dollars a gallon," said Larry Moffitt, an owner/operator.

In July the national average was almost 5 dollars a gallon, and now it's down around three dollars and fifty cents.

Equaling relief for some.

"Now especially for the owner operator they're seeing just a bit of daylight. They're actually making a little bit of money," said Linne.

But we found some owner/operators who acquired so much debt over the summer, this fall in prices has not begun to help them.

They say they need even lower prices to be profitable again.

"Under three dollars. Ideally 1.97, but it'll never happen again. 2.60 or 2.75, that would be probable," said Moffitt.

The way diesel is made, experts say it should be cheaper, but the drivers we spoke with say the demand is keeping the price high.

Forcing the owner/operators out.

"I've had enough. I've tried to ride it out, ride it out, ride it out. I just don't see the light at the end of the tunnel," said Moffitt.

Drivers are optimistic the price will continue to fall, but speculate on how long it will stay down.

Every single driver we spoke with said the price of diesel remaining high not only affects trucks, but the products they are carrying. Because the surcharge is passed on to you.