Voter Registration Backlog

If you registered to vote close to the October sixth deadline, you may run into some problems at the polls.

Texas state officials say a paperwork backlog could cause delays for those who try to vote during the early voting period that starts Monday.

The state says there are still 30 thousand applications they need to process.

And it's affecting people who even registered well before the deadline.

Some Amarillo residents who registered in September still have not received their confirmation paperwork.

Many people have been contacting their county election offices to find out if they will be able to vote.

"When we contact usually Potter County because that's been who we've contacted because that's the most of the people we've registered, they are extremely back logged and say they may not even get them mailed out until the end of the week. Which is late since early voting starts Monday," said Jane Raphael, head of Amarillo 4 Obama.

The Amarillo 4 Obama camp says they are very concerned because they registered over 400 people in a two day span before the deadline.

The state says they have 70 employees working throughout the weekend to process all the paper work.

If you think your paper work has not been processed your best option is to call your county election office on Monday or click on the links below.