Money Choices

Now may be a good time to reevaluate your financial investments. What a local financial planner says you should do as the cost of stocks continue to shrink.

Although stock prices are low, I am told investing heavily in individual stocks is not the best route to go.

Instead you should have a balanced financial portfolio that  consists of United States stocks International stocks, bonds, and commercial real estate.

Certified Financial Planner Dale Buckner says, "Well you don't want to invest anything you can't leave in the stock market for five years. I have people coming in with gambling like behavior. Let me buy this stock because it's pennies on the dollar and let me buy it now and I'm going to get rich, says Buckner, "And so I discourage gambling behavior. So I want to have a balanced portfolio that is going to reduce risks and increase yields."

Buckner says for first time investors, your 401K is the best place to start. Consider doubling what you currently put in especially if your employer will match it.