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Do Small Business Owners Agree with Joe the Plumber?

Marci Richardson Marci Richardson
Toby Langford Toby Langford

Joe the Plumber's concerns as a future small business owner are what skyrocketed him to fame. We wanted to know what local business owners here in Amarillo think about Obama's tax plan.

We spoke with one woman who says she agrees with Joe the Plumber and Obama's plan will be bad for her business. Marci Richardson owns The Fudge Lady in Westgate Mall. "I don't have time to worry about one more thing that's going to distract me from trying to get a business going. This to me is a worry. It runs in the back of my mind. What am I going to do if he starts putting more and more taxes for us. People like me. I'm just one but there are thousands just like me starting and opening their businesses."

Another business owner disagrees and says change is necessary. Toby Langford says "They're struggling to buy all their goods and things that might be extra or even necessities such as plumbing or aerial photography in my case. I think it's hurt farms. I think we've seen a lot of people are hurting." Richarson's first day of business was today and Langford is in the process of getting his aerial photography business off the ground.

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