Meet Amarillo's Joe the Plumber

Joe Francis
Joe Francis

His name was mentioned more times than the Iraq War last night in the Presidential debate. He is Joe Wurzelbacher, now known as Joe the Plumber, who became famous when he confronted Barack Obama about his tax plan earlier this week.

His stardom has given an Amarillo man his fifteen minutes of fame. Both John McCain and Barack Obama said his name more than 25 times in the debate, and in some instances, they even talked directly to him. It's the man who America has come to know as Joe the Plumber, who asked Obama "Your plan is going to raise my taxes, isn't it?"

He's not the only one out there though... Amarillo has it's own Joe the Plumber... His name is Joe Francis. "It's been a crazy day. I wasn't expecting this at all." The phones at his office were ringing off the hook all day. People can't seem to get enough of his website either. His office manager, Ronnie Phillips, says they've gotten more than 31,000 hits since Wednesday night. Some people even want to buy it. "There have been lots of crazy offers. Everything is for sale."

Even employee uniforms. "People are wanting to buy t shirts." 380 people have already jumped on the bandwagon and purchased one. So, what does this Joe the Plumber think of Obama's tax plan? "Nobody wants to pay any more taxes than they have to." As for who he'll vote for this November, like Joe the Plumber in Ohio, he's remaining tight lipped.