Unhappy Hour Tour With A Lesson

Amarillo Independent School District has a new and interactive way to teach teens about underage drinking with an "Unhappy Happy Hour".  If you head to the "Big Boo this weekend for a scary time, you will get an extra tour for free.

It's the first year A.I.S.D is trying to show the community the consequences of drinking with an unhappy happy hour. The tour has no zombies, ghost or witches, but a scary glimpse into the sober reality of drinking and what it can do to your teen.  A.I.S.D spokesperson, Melynn Huntley says, underage drinking is a grim reality of life.  "Underage drinking is very frightening so it was the time of the years to do it. October is red ribbon month and this is the time we address a lot of drug and alcohol issues", Huntley said.

The tour is a first hand look for teens and a lesson on the consequences of drinking and drugs. Local teen Brittany Hill says the "Unhappy Happy Hour" is a good lesson for teens. "This would definitely make me think twice about something that i would do that would put my life and my family at risk," Hill said.

A tour that is open to the entire family, which teaches both parents and teens the sober reality of drucgs and alchol. "It is an education crash course but it's more interactive. It's not sitting in the classroom and having a bunch of things thrown at you. It's fun!" Huntley said.

Not only will you get into the unhappy hour for free on Friday and Saturday night, but parents can get alcohol and drug testing kits for free.