Travis Middle School Meets AYP Standards After Struggle

After failing the Federal Adequate Yearly Progress report for three years Travis Middle School in Amarillo is off the federal "watch list."

Twenty-nine student sub-categories make up the AYP report. With a large population of students with additional needs Travis Middle School educators say it has been a long road to success.

Former Principal Jay Barrett says,"Getting them special programs like read 180 through Scholastic and training teachers to teach students for the areas that they are weakest in we had tutoring going on morning, noon, and night."

Sixth grade math teacher Serena Gabel says the goal of passing the AYP pulled the school together.

"So that was a disappointment not only for the school but for the teachers are working very hard," says Gabel, "And so are the students but at the same time we kind of rallied together and get than can do spirit and can do attitude."

Initial improvement efforts were made by the school but Gabel says it was the students who chose to turn things around.

"The teachers made them responsible for their learning. The teachers also incorporated lots of interventions with the children, before school , after school looking at the school assessment bench mark test to see where are the students missing."

The school is celebrating meeting the requirements but is still focused on maintaining its status.

Barrett says like most Amarillo schools Travis struggled most with math and reasoning skills.