New Site Lets Crimes on Campus Be Texted In

Cpl. Brian Thomas, APD
Cpl. Brian Thomas, APD

Anonymously texting messaging and e-mailing in tips of crimes happening on school campus is possible through a new website.. But some officials have their reservations about using it in our area. allows students or parents to send in reports about crimes... Those reports go to school administrators.. An extra step Amarillo CrimeStoppers says they have reserves about.

Cpl. Brian Thomas with APD says, "How many people are going to have access to look at that, were as we have one person who takes the information and that information is secure in the office, and he will pass the information that comes on as far as the tips, but as far as the identity or names or code words that we use are locked up in his office."

You can opt to send your report to the site anonymously.

Creators of the site say, unlike the current system, where students call in tips anonymously then hang up... This site focus on two way communication to help solve crimes.

Justin Bergener, Creater of says, "Administrators can write back to the parent or to the student with messaging."

Cpl. Thomas says they like having tips come to law enforcement directly.. Since the law can be a tricky part of handling these cases.

"With the crimestoppers program in the state of Texas we do fall under some statues in the state law, where our stuff is not admissible in court, it can't be subpoenaed, it can be looked at by a judge but no body else. Does that same statute cover stuff like this." Cpl. Thomas says.

He also says text messaging tips is the future for our area, hopefully by next school year.