Dumas Jr. High Student Looks Like Obama

Jordan Hutcherson is a 13 year old eighth grader at Dumas Junior High School in Dumas. He looks like Senator Barrack Obama and has leadership skills too. Jordan is Student Council President, he says being a leader comes easy for him. He also sings in the adult choir at his church and loves playing football and basketball. If you ask anyone at the Junior High, Jordan is the man. Teachers, Coaches and the Student Body all call him Obama.

Jordan has his own lawn mowing business, He started mowing for money to buy basketball shoes, he told us he made around $2,000 dollars this summer. Adults that have mowed with Jordan say he is respectful, honest and a dang good mower. He also helps his mom and dad with his 2 younger brothers. Jordan told us he looks up to Senator Obama. He says that he is a role model for him.

Keep it positive Jordan or as we call him - Lil 'Bama...