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Economy Pushing People To Pews

Pastor Howard Batson Pastor Howard Batson
Monsignor Michael Colwell Monsignor Michael Colwell

The economy was been a hot topic during presidential debates and it is also influencing the number of people heading to Amarillo churches.

Empty pocket books are not leading people to lenders, banks or advisors... But to church pews for prayer. On any given Sunday churches are full of church patrons are seeking out a foundation other than their finances. Pastor Howard Batson has seen the increase at First Baptist church. "We are seeing an increase. And part of the reason, people have various said.

Filling pews has not been hard for local churches, but what has been hard according to church official is keeping people coming back in good times and bad.  Catholic Monsignor Michael Colwell said he is happy to see anyone show an interest in faith. "At least people do turn to God during difficult times, so that's beautiful reality. But the challenges is we should do that more and more each and every day of our lives," Monsignor Colwell said.

"People come back to greater foundation the foundation that doesn't rise or fall with the stock market that is the foundation of their faith. Some faith other than the financial stability they have been counting on," Batson said.

He says leading people to a positive foundation that will not fall no matter what crisis.  Some church affiliates say they have seen the number of church membership double over the past few months. They say it's not uncommon to see a spike in church attendance... Especially during major catastrophes such as 9/11, war and now the economy.

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