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Area Schools Miss the Mark

Janie Cooper, Palo Duro Cluster Director Janie Cooper, Palo Duro Cluster Director
Laurie Cizon, Canyon ISD Laurie Cizon, Canyon ISD

23 area schools and 10 districts do not meet the state standards for the adequate yearly progress, or AYP, test.

Janie Cooper has some failing and some passing schools under her watch... And knowing some barely missed the mark can be upsetting.

Cooper, who is Palo Duro's Cluster Director says, "It's very frustrating when you miss a goal you set for yourself and your school by a very small margin. But the good thing is now we know what the area's we need to address are and we can attack those areas with fervor and with the best needs of the students in mind, so even though we are disappointed that those schools didn't all meet expectation we have the data we need to get them going in the right direction."

Less than 11 students meant the difference between passing and failing in seven of the nine failing AISD schools. It's a close margin that Canyon ISD is feeling as well.

Laurie Cizon with Canyon ISD says, "We know that it was half of one percent and so it was a very small number. But we don't work on that. What we work on is meeting the needs of every single child. If one child doesn't pass we need to work harder with that one child, and that's our focus."

This is the first year special education students were required to pass in the grade that matches their age, causing some schools or districts to fail...

Cizon says they have a system in place to make sure that is feasible by 2010/2011 school year.

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