Lake Meredith Rises Five Feet

Chad Pernell, CRMWA
Chad Pernell, CRMWA

While most of us appreciated the sunny skies today after four days of clouds and rain, those stormy days were very beneficial for Lake Meredith.

In fact, four straight days of rain is exactly what we needed...and what we need more frequently, to keep the lake at acceptable levels. JJ Brost at the National Weather Service says "a lot of rain and a moist air mass so you don't see a lot of evaporation. That ground was able to saturate so a lot of the water that was falling was running down the Canadian River and into the lake."

As far as levels go, we're still about thirty feet below average, but there's been some improvements this past month. So much improvement that the timeline for low flow pumps has changed, says CRMWA's Chad Pernell. "The five feet that we've gotten in the last month or so has really been huge. It's put off the need for those pumps for one thing. You know, that's quite a bit of water. That buys us half a year up to a years worth of supply."

The lake is currently at about 50 feet...the average is around 85 or 90 feet. The highest it's been in recent years was 92 feet back in 2000.