Lake Meredith Continues to Rise, Despite Sunshine Today

As much as most of us like the sunny skies we're seeing today, the rain we saw over the past four days was much needed, especially for Lake Meredith.

Here in Amarillo, we saw between two and four inches of rain, but other places, especially those to the west of us, saw more than double that amount. No doubt about it... The rain really came down these past few days, says JJ Brost at the National Weather Service, "We had between four and six inches of rain and the highest total we've had so far for the entire event was actually just east of Channing, Texas and they received six point one inches of rain." But just because the rain is over, doesn't mean lake meredith won't continue to rise.

CRMWA's Chad Pernell says "We could see another foot to a foot and half in rise at the lake." That's because all of the water that fell on the first day it rained was soaked into the ground, and is still on it's way to the lake. "It could be anywhere from three to four days up to a week or more before we start seeing some of that into the lake." It's been a good month for levels at Lake Meredith. "50 1/2 feet right now which is you know roughly five feet more than where we were just a month of two ago."

Those rising levels bought the lake a little time...dangerously low levels are now further in the future. "That's quite a bit of water. It buys us about half a year to a years worth of supply." Because of that, lake officials say the low flow pumps they plan to install won't be needed as soon as they thought.