Ranchers Have To Move Off CRP Land Because of Error

Rancher Wayne Tivis
Rancher Wayne Tivis

The fight is on to keep cattle grazing on CRP, or Conservation Reserve Program land.

The 118 ranchers left the Roosevelt County Farm Service Agency in July thinking they had completed paper work allowing them to graze on the normally untouched land until November tenth.

But a big part wasn't complete.

They're paper work wasn't signed by the FSA before the deadline.

That means they have to pull cattle by tomorrow unless one congressman can pull off a miracle for these ranchers.

Ranchers like Wayne tivis were counting on grazing crp land through November and pulling them off 25 days early will cost thousands.

Rancher Wayne Tivis says, "The feed cost is outrageous. Hay is high and corn is high. It doesn't take very long to burn up profit if you stand them in the corral and feed them. "

U.S. Represenative for New Mexico, Tom Udall says, "That's the message I'm trying to carry to the Dept. of Agriculture in Washington and to the Bush administration that administering all of this. These are they're lively hoods. They're in a dire situation and they need help immediately."

Tivis says they do not want to stand around and assign blame... They just want to be clear to continue to graze.

"It's not that much. It was free but it was what we were supposed to get." Tivis says.

We've heard that some ranchers will not pull their cattle tomorrow. There is no word on what will happen to ranchers who continue to graze.

And there is also no guarantee anything can be done to change this.

But they say even if they were allowed back on a week before the November 10 end... It would be worth it.