Voter Guides Available

If you are unfamiliar with any of the candidates in the upcoming elections, voter guides are now available.

The League of Women voters is distributing the guides to several locations in Amarillo and Canyon including public libraries, United Super Markets and most Amarillo banks.

You can also have access to the guide on the League of Women Voters web site.

Voter Guides Available At:


*Amarillo Public Libraries

*Amarillo College

- Library, College Union and West Campus

*West Texas A&M University

- Student Union, Library

*Canyon Public Library

*Potter Co. Offices

*Randall Co. Annex

*Randall Co. Courthouse

*Wesley Community Center

*Black Historical Culture Center

*Amarillo and Hilltop Senior Citizens Centers

*United Super Markets


*Hastings Stores



*Kitchen Gallery

*Education Credit Unions

*Main Branches of Amarillo Banks

*Amarillo City Hall

*Amarillo/Canyon School Administration Buildings

*Thomas E. Creek VA Hospital

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