Save More Than $400 On Your Heating Bill

Joe Bouska, Home Depot
Joe Bouska, Home Depot

The temperatures may be dropping, and in some cases that means your heating bill may be rising.

There are several fast and simple things you can do now, to save yourself some money this winter. You can save more than $400 dollars on your heating bill this winter, and as if that's not enticing enough. Here's the even better part... Saving all that cash only takes a few minutes of your time. The first thing you should do doesn't cost a dime. The only effort it requires on your part is flipping a switch. All you need to do is turn on your ceiling fan, but make sure it's in reverse mode, says Home Depot's Joe Bouska. "It keeps the air circulating a lot because heat does rise and you can lower your heating bill because you'll be pulling that air down into the room."

Bouska says the number one mistake people make when heating their home is letting the air leak out through little cracks in the walls, which lets the money leak out too. Just five minutes can fix that problem instantly. "This here is a spray insulation. It will poof up, it will foam up. You can spray it in the little small cracks. It goes in as like a real fine liquid and then it gets larger. It just kinds poofs up." Installing energy efficient furnaces, boilers and water heaters can even save you money on your taxes. You can receive tax credits for putting in these green appliances.

Click on this link to find out just jow much you can save on your taxes.